The Crimson Wolf Tavern and Inn

Welcome to the Crimson Wolf Tavern and Inn!

You stumble across a clearing within the woods. In the direct center is a large redwood and stone tavern, its windows slightly aglow. The piercing sound of wolves howling into the sky can be heard everywhere around you. The meadow itself is full of lush grass and various bushes, as well as working stations for the staff. Two chimneys jut from the top of the building, giving off a semi-thick, but rich smelling smoke.You make your way to the front door, noticing crates and barrels along the side, and even a black cat watching you as you approach. You reach down and twist the silver handle and pushing the door open slightly.

As you step inside, you are met with a rush of sensations. The smell of redwood, spices, and cooked meat. You are also met with a warmth, which comes from both of the fireplaces in the room, as well as the environment itself. A small music box sits in a corner, filling the room with soft Celtic music. The main part of the tavern, which you are standing in, is the direct center of the tavern. This section consists of the public area which includes a dancing spot, a dining area, and a lounge. Above you, large, extravagant chandeliers are secured to thick redwood beams, which reach up along the ceiling, arching over your head some thirty feet to hold up the roof. On the top level behind you, you see several chairs and bookcases with various different books. two staircases snake up either side of the tavern to reach this area. A faint glow emanates from this level as well as a slight crackle of wood on a fire. To your left and right you see 4 doors, two on your left and two on your right. The first one to your left is labeled with a plaque that reads "Bathroom" and the first to your right is the sleeping quarters. The door is slightly cracked and you can see various bunk beds lining the walls and a table in the middle with cards, bottles of ale and a few other oddities.

Past the small sea of tables before you is a bar, with the bar wench cleaning various glasses. Off to the sides of the room you see several other sitting areas and the second fireplace, with a small fire inside it as well. Against the back of the tavern and about 20 feet up, there are two large windows, which fill the room with ample light. In between them, a huge picture of a crimson wolf with a sword in his mouth looks down on the main room, appearing to be a bit of a sentinel of sorts. Behind the bar, you see several shelves, most of them containing various alcoholic drinks, but one in particular contains alchemy potions and various herbs. An opening in the left wall behind the bar appears to be the entrance to the kitchen, considering there are several exotic smells coming from that location. The door at the right-back of the tavern is shut and locked securely with a sign that says "Employees Only".

You progress across the main floor towards the tavern, your eyes fixed on the bar itself. The bar appears to be redwood, much like the walls surrounding it. The bottom of the bar is covered in stones, which, much like the wood, blend in with the walls. Several paintings dot the walls to your right and left, most of which are forests, and other scenes. The front of the bar has an intricately carved tribal wolf which is filled with red paint to show off the design.The wench looks up from her work and gives you a warm smile, Her fiery locks moving aside from her eyes, which appear almost grey. "Welcome to the Crimson Wolf Tavern and Inn, Traveler. What can I get ye?"

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