The Crimson Wolf Tavern and Inn

Holiday Drinks

These drinks are only sold during their associated seasons/holidays. Speak with management if you want them to be on the main menu. All of them have a "Virgin" version, available on the Tavern Menu.Keep in mind that orders that are placed for drinks that are "out of season" may cost extra.

Currently, all holiday drinks are available through the end of the year (December 31st).
Egg Nog (4 Alcohol) - A sweet drink made of milk, egg, and Rum, along with various spices to give a well rounded and warming holiday drink.

Caramel Apple (3 Alcohol) - A mix of spiced apple cider and caramel liquor.

House Drinks (Alcoholic Drinks)

The Crimson Wolf has a large stock of house drinks, and the ones listed below are only a few of the ones available for purchase.The typical rule of thumb as far as cost for the drink is 1 GP for every 1 alcohol content

1. Ale- (2 Alcohol) - For what ales ya!
2. Mead- (1 Alcohol) - A sweet wine made from honey.
3. Beer- (1 Alcohol) - Put a little hop in your well as a stumble or two
4. Red wine- (1 Alcohol) - A deep red wine made from red grapes
5. White Wine- (2 Alcohol) - A light white wine made from white grapes
6. Rose wine- (3 Alcohol) - A rather light red wine made from red and white grapes
7. Elven Wine- (4 Alcohol) - A white wine with a deep, nutty flavor and laced with magic
8. Various Fruit Wine- (3 Alcohol) -Chose from over a dozen different types of wine made from locally grown fruit
9. Cider- (3 Alcohol) - A golden beverage made from fermented apples
10. Dark Ale (3 Alcohol) - A dark, nutty and hop filled ale heavy with flavor
11. Light Ale (2 Alcohol) - A light, malted ale, with minimal bitterness
12. Dwarven Firewater (5 Alcohol - Dwarves 3 Alcohol) A very heavy, earthy flavored drink with a burst of spices
13. Dwarven Stout (4 Alcohol - Dwarves 2 Alcohol) - A very dark, rich ale with an extra earthy flavor
14. Rum (4 Alcohol) - Drink It quickly before its gone...
15. Firewater (5 Alcohol) - A blood red hard alcohol that tastes heavily of cinnamon and fiery death...
16. BloodWine (2 Alcohol) - Made specifically for those who crave blood but don't want to worry about the screaming and/or witnesses. Comes in many varieties. Ask the bartender for a specified flavor.
17. Autumn Ale - (3 Alcohol) - A dark mahogany colored ale with a full flavor, consisting of malt and caramel flavoring, hazelnut and chocolate.
18. Ashfire Mead - (2 alcohol) - A spicy mead made from rich honey and exotic spices.
19. Sujamma - (5 Alcohol) - A rather potent liquor imported from Morrowind.
20. Flin - (4 Alcohol) - An imported Whiskey from Cyrodiil.
21. Mazte - (2 Alcohol) - A rather tasty, invigorating brew made from fermented Saltrice. Imported from Morrowind.
22. Shein - ( 2 Alcohol) - A sweet wine made from fermented Comberry. Improted from Vvardenfell.
23. Greef - (2 Alcohol) - A tasty brandy made from fermented Comberry. Imported from Vvardenfell.

Add a chaser to any of these drinks for an extra two gold.

Specialty Drinks

The Crimson Wolf Tavern and Inn also offers specialty drinks. These drinks cost a bit more than the house drinks and rightfully so: They deal more than just a little damage to your health and liver. Many of these drinks are imported from distant lands, giving each patron a sweet exotic taste before the burn sets in.(Note: For legal purposes, I have included the original creator of the drink. These drinks are IMPORTED, meaning they are based off fictional drinks created by other people. I claim no rights of ownership over these drinks)

Dragon's Breath - (4 alcohol content - 8 GP per Mug)

This spicy, autumn flavored ale is made from ground dragon scales and many other spices mixed into a warm ale. People have been known to spew fire or receive additional fire damage if they are weak to fire. (Origin: The Kingdom of RhyDin)

Serving Suggestion: Served in a Frosted mug and served immediately.

Orphan Tears - (RESTRICTED - 50 GP per shot)

Forbidden for years by the kingdom, Orphan Tears have somehow managed to make their way into the tavern. Patrons must sign an agreement that upon taking the shot, the tavern takes no responsibility for their actions. Side effects often include vivid hallucinations. Unlike the original drink, which was served in a wine glass, this is only served in shots. Magic users are required to have all magic bound before taking the shot per the agreement. Magic will be unbound after a thorough evaluation by staff. (Origin: RWJ/YourFavoriteMartian)

Serving Suggestion: Served in a shot glass. Only 1 per (human) patron.

Troll Slap - (No Alcohol Content - First one is free, each one after that is 50 GP)

The Troll Slap is a very strong drink that is only served to patrons who have a hard time holding their alcohol or are having vivid hallucinations. This drink is guaranteed to slap the alcohol and insanity right out of you.

Serving suggestion: Served in a coffee mug

Velvet LeChance - (3 Alcohol - 10 Gold per Mug)

The velvet LeChance is a mixture of Blackberry, Honey, Spiced Wine and just a touch of Nightshade.
(Origin: Tamriel)

Serving Suggestion: NONE

White-Gold Tower - (4 Alcohol - 10 Gold per Mug)

The White-Gold Tower is a blend of heavy cream with a layer of blended mead, lavender and dragon's tongue on top.
(Origin: Tamriel)

Serving Suggestion: NONE

Cliff Racer - (6 Alcohol - 12 Gold per Mug)

The Cliff racer is a mix of Firebrand Wine, Cyrodiilic Brandy, Flin and Sujamma. One of the lease potent of the high end drinks.
(Origin: Tamriel)

Serving Suggestion: Only one per human customer

Custom Drinks and Food

Although we offer a wide variety of drinks and food for patrons to indulge in, we don't stick strictly to the menu. In the past, we have gladly made mixes for patrons or created new drinks for special circumstances. Many of these drinks, if they are ordered frequently, will soon become a regular item on the menu. The same is true for food items. If there is something you would like out staff to fix up in the kitchen, don't hesitate to ask. We ask that you simply give the staff the recipe for the proposed drink or food item and a list of specific preparation instructions.