The Crimson Wolf Tavern and Inn


Cup of Coffee (5 GP - Free if you are having problem holding your alcohol) A cup of dark, rich, hot coffee. Add cream and sugar for free (up to 2 of each, 1 GP after that)

Water (Free) -  A glass of fresh well water. Management is not responsible for what you (or other patrons) do with it after you buy it.

Juice (3 GP) - A glass of fresh squeezed juice. Comes in many varieties including: orange, apple, and grape.

Spiced Ginger Ale - (2 GP) - A glass of Ginger ale mixed in with various other spices to give it a near-alcohol like taste. For those who want to drink but can't for whatever reason.

Tea - (2 GP) - An aromatic beverage prepared with cured leaves in a small pouch and hot water. Comes in black, white, yellow and green. Add mint, honey, sugar, cream, or anything else for free

Chocolate Milk - (3 GP) - A tall glass of rich chocolate milk.

 > For a list of alcoholic drinks, Click [HERE]


The Crimson Wolf prides itself in it's various types of breads. We bake them fresh daily and offer them either by the loaf for the listed price or two slices of your choice with any entree you order.


Regular Bread - (2 GP per loaf) - A staple for anyone's diet. A simple loaf of soft bread.

Honey Bread - (3 GP per loaf) - A sweet, soft loaf of bread made from honey.

Coconut Bread - (3 GP per loaf) -  A tasty bread made with coconut milk and flakes.

Wheat Bread - (2 GP per loaf) - A heart-healthy bread loaded with extra wheat.

Apple Bread - (2 GP per loaf) - A sweet and spice filled bread that melts in your mouth. 

Pumpkin Bread - (3 GP per loaf) - The taste of autumn in bread form. 

Side Dishes

Baked Potato - (2 GP) - A fully cooked potato. Can add butter, sour cream, and spices for free. Add diced meats or veggies for 1gp a serving

Bowl of Stew - (3 GP) - A Bowl of hearty meat stew with potatoes and veggies in a a thick broth. Simply choose one type of meat and three veggies.

Bowl of Curry - (3 GP) - Similar to stew, only much spicier. Choose one type of meat and two veggies.

Cabbage Rolls - (5 GP) - Juicy pieces of meat mixed in with chopped onion and mushrooms, all wrapped in rice and tender cabbage leaves. One serving contains 6 rolls.

Rice Balls - (4 GP) - A ball of Rice wrapped in seaweed. Simple yet delicious. Contains a small amount of meat in the center.Each plate comes with 3 rice balls.

Ramen Noodles -(2 GP) - A bowl full of noodles, meat and veggies in a warm, hearty broth. Comes with your choice of meat and broth.

Frytour of Erbes - (3 GP) - Herb-filled fritters fried in oil and garnished with Honey  One serving contains 6 Fritters. 


Shepherd's Pie - (10 gold) - A hearty mix of seasoned meat, veggies, and mashed potatoes covered in a layer of cheese. <Serves 6>

The Pride - (15 GP) - A thick stew made from various wild animals found in the forest, mixed in with fresh vegetables, all coated in a rich, sweet broth. This stew takes a while to make and is only meant for those willing to work on a bowl for a while.

Elven Sweetness -(5 Gold) - A plate of seasoned steak, fried mushrooms, and topped with honey dew. Guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Fish and Chips - (7 GP) - A plate containing 4 large, breaded fish filets and a serving of seasoned fries. 

Makerouns (Medieval Mac 'n Cheese) - (5 GP) - A bowl of tender noodles, butter and cheese layered like lasagna to create a creamy, cheesy dish.

Blawmanger (Almond Chicken Rice dish) - (3 GP) - A bowl of rice and chicken cooked in almond milk and topped with slivered almonds and sugar.

Desserts and Pies

Slice of Redberry Pie - (2 GP) - A slice of pie loaded up with tart red berries mixed in with honey to add a taste of sweetness. 

Slice of Apple pie - (2 GP) - A slice of pie filled with sweet apples in a thick cinnamon laced sauce.

Slice of Pumpkin Pie - (2 GP) - A slice of sweet pumpkin and spice pie on a crunchy crust.

2 Oatmeal Cookie - (2 GP) - Two large, soft oatmeal cookies.

Slice of Cake - (3 GP) - a large slice of white cake covered in a rich white icing.

Slice of Chocolate Cake - (3 GP) - A large slice of chocolate cake, covered in a rich chocolate icing

Slice of Pumpkin Cake - (3 GP) - A slice of moist pumpkin cake covered in your choice of butter or whipped cream.


Beds (Price Varies. See list below for prices. Each room comes with its own bathing area) NOTE: For the time being, room rental is unavailable, as the rooms are being remodeled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Economy - Just the bed. You may share the room with multiple people - 2 GP a night

Luxury Room - Comes with a bed, a view, a fire place and your own study area - 5 GP a night

Custom Food and Drinks

Although we offer a wide variety of drinks and food for patrons to indulge in, we don't stick strictly to the menu. In the past, we have gladly made mixes for patrons or created new drinks for special circumstances. Many of these drinks, if they are ordered frequently, will soon become a regular item on the menu. The same is true for food items. If there is something you would like out staff to fix up in the kitchen, don't hesitate to ask. We ask that you simply give the staff the recipe for the proposed drink or food item and a list of specific preparation instructions. Also, If you would like to remove items from a recipe, feel free to ask the cook to not include specific parts. Price adjustments can be made if items are removed.